Chichen Itza Cancun

Why Visit Chichen Itza? Cancun is the best place to be because while at this beautiful place you will get to visit chichen iza which is the most visited archaeological place in Yucatan,you will get to explore the city of msyan empire and get to know why it is the most visited place in the world,the place has good architectural features that makes the Chichen Itza a place to be. While in Chichen Itza you will first get the chance to visit habiku cenote,the place has a good swimming place for all,the water is always clean and not so deep thus why it is also the best place to take your kids,so whenever you are planning to visit the place do not forget to arm yourself with swimming costumes. The archeological sites in Chichen Itza have guides whose work is to take you step by step as they introduce you to the most ancient features in the place and some of the hidden things of Mayans,they will explain the importance of this historical sites to chichen from around twelve pm to around Three pm,in there you will also get the best hotels where you can eat some good taste food at an affordable price.


A visit to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small, beautiful island that is just about 20 minutes ride from Cancun in Caribbean. The island combines the Caribbean beauty, a jungle and the rich heritage of the Mayan people with several ancient features that gives the origin of its name. the Island remains one of the most coveted honeymoon destination which is attributable to the blue waters, white sand, the setting and more so the sunsets that gives the romantic setting. While at this island, one cannot run out of activities to do as the island is well served with a rocky coastline and a beach where one can enjoy swimming and boat riding. The view of the sun as a ball sinking into the sea from the west side makes it more captivating to experience. For sea adventures, one can participate in diving in the shark caves and catch the site of the beautiful coral leafs with the assistance from the local fishermen. In addition an exploration to the entire Isla Mujeres gives an opportunity to view the Mayan ruins and experience the Caribbean entertainment at El Centro and Hidalgo Street.